Andrew Eamer
By Andrew Eamer on February 09, 2022

Getting More Creative with AET Marketing Suite

The AET Marketing Suite has given our dealership partners the tools they need to think outside of what was considered "normal" for them. They've come up with some interesting ideas that might inspire other forward-thinking dealers as we wait for production levels to come back! We've compiled 7 examples of how some dealerships are using Creative Studio beyond just offers, enjoy!

1. Pre-Order Ads2-3In this ad example, Friendly Automotive does a great job of using AET Creative Studio to design website banners with special "Order" messaging. They've also matched their background to their PMA's seasonality & Finger Lakes NY geography!

2. Billboard RecreationAET Dealership Use Cases (2)Will you look at that? Townsend Nissan wanted to keep a consistent look and feel in their advertising campaigns. They were able to recreate a website banner ad that matches their outdoor billboard advertising. An absolutely brilliant way of using AET Marketing Suite!

3. Staying Top-Of-Mind


Some OEMs are spending millions on advertising for the big game. Why not ride the coattails of their campaigns? Sheboygan Automotive is doing just that by tapping into that top-of-mind awareness around the game and national ad campaigns to draw attention to their vehicles & brand!

4. Banner & Display Ads4A great reminder that AET Creative Studio allows for any ad design size. In this example, Faith Ford uses the tool to create display ads & website banners for dealer promotions that are outside the typical OEM sales event offers.

5. Impact of AnimationRydell_Animated Ads for Fixed OpsThe key to marketing has always been gaining & keeping someone’s attention. Rydell Cars is utilizing motion graphics & animations options to do just that with some Fixed Ops specials.  Are you utilizing Marketing Suite to increase revenue potential on the other side of the house?

6. Custom Ad Sizing10Another impressive use of the tool. Friendly Automotive demonstrates the different sizing options while keeping a consistent look and feel to their ads - great for brand recognition! Not only do they have retail specials covered, but they also give some love to the fixed ops side of the house as well!

7. Vehicles Coming SoonAET Dealership Use Cases (1)A dealership's website is their online storefront. Yes, inventory is low, but to have a webpage with missing vehicle images can give a bad or misleading impression. Cable Dahmer Automotive does a great job of using the AET Marketing Suite to showcase the cars that they have coming in!

We're so grateful to all of our partners for sharing how you are using the AET Marketing Suite in your dealerships. Your input is what helps us stay on the top wave of marketing innovation!

We look forward to hearing more about your current advertising needs. If you have some creative use cases or if there's anything we can help with, please don't hesitate in reaching out! Send us an email at, or leave us some comments below!

Not a current AET Dealership Partner? Learn more about how AET Marketing Suite can reduce creative cost & cut turnaround time to increase your run times & visibility by up to 30%!

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Published by Andrew Eamer February 9, 2022
Andrew Eamer