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By AET Automotive on May 21, 2024

Most Common Dealership Use Cases for AET Creative Studio

1. Monthly Sales Events

Seasonality-1AET Creative Studio allows you to quickly customize and launch ads that highlight OEM promotions and incentives. This ensures that your marketing content is timely, relevant, and directly aligned with major sales events, driving significant traffic to your showroom and boosting sales opportunities.

2. Website Banners & Display Ads:

Website & Banner Ads-1With AET Creative Studio, creating eye-catching banners and display ads is straightforward. These visually appealing ads are designed to grab the attention of website visitors and digital browsers, enhancing your online visibility and helping to convert passive viewers into active customers.

3. Fixed-Operations

Fixed Operation-1Promote your dealership's service deals, maintenance specials, and parts sales effectively. AET Creative Studio helps you target the right customers with well-designed ads that increase service department traffic and revenue, strengthening customer retention and attracting new service business.

4. Multi-Vehicle Ads

Multi- Vehicle Format-1Showcasing your dealership's diverse vehicle lineup is essential for reaching a broad audience. AET Creative Studio empowers you to swiftly adapt your creative concepts into multiple ad formats, ensuring your campaigns are harmonious and impactful. Whether highlighting the ruggedness of trucks, the luxury of sedans, or the versatility of SUVs, our tool guarantees that each vehicle's unique appeal is effectively communicated. This approach not only maintains your brand's integrity but also enhances message clarity across all digital platforms, ensuring that every potential customer sees the best your dealership has to offer.

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5. Used Vehicle Uploads

Upload Used Vehicles in Creative Studio-1Transform how dealerships market used or pre-owned vehicles. With the Vehicle Uploads feature, dealers can easily integrate high-quality images of their inventory into their marketing materials. For images that need a more professional touch, use's tool which effortlessly clears cluttered backgrounds, then easily upload the image into your account. This streamlined process not only enhances the visual appeal of the ads but also significantly reduces the time and effort required to prepare each vehicle for online display, making it simpler and faster to attract potential buyers with clean, attractive vehicle presentations.

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6. Scene & Seasonality

SeasonalityMatching your community and seasonality in your marketing is essential for creating a personal and timely connection with your audience. AET Creative Studio enhances this strategy by providing robust background features, allowing for the perfect alignment with local atmospheres and buying cycles. With options to filter backgrounds based on seasonality, upload your own custom images, or leverage our Background AI for automatic, theme-appropriate background selection, maintaining relevant and resonant campaigns is simpler than ever. This targeted approach ensures your marketing not only engages effectively but also capitalizes on key moments when customers are most prepared to make purchases.

7. Special Messaging

Special Messaging Ads-1In a fast-paced market, the ability to respond quickly to changes is key. AET Creative Studio allows for rapid design and deployment of ads that can capitalize on current trends, market changes, or local events, ensuring your dealership remains relevant and engaged with its audience. 

8. Brand Consistency & Team Efficiency

Team TemplatesAET Creative Studio simplifies ad creation and ensures your dealership's branding stays consistent. It’s about crafting slick ads quickly and effortlessly. With saved designs and templates, your team can collaborate effectively, ensuring everyone is on the same page and speeding up the marketing process. This means consistent, professional-looking marketing across all channels, enhancing teamwork and reducing hassle. Less effort, more impact.

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9. Animation & Motion Graphics

Animations & Motion Graphic CreationIncorporating eye-catching motion graphics and animations into your dealership ads adds a dynamic layer that captivates viewers and enhances engagement. AET Creative Studio offers advanced filtering options and themes that allow you to effortlessly integrate motion elements that align with your brand and campaign goals. This approach not only grabs attention more effectively than static images but also reinforces your message and highlights key offers or features in a memorable way. The use of motion ensures that your ads stand out in a crowded digital landscape, making them more likely to catch the eye of potential buyers scrolling through their feeds.

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Published by AET Automotive May 21, 2024
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