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By AET Automotive on November 07, 2022

7 Ways Dealer Are Selling More New & Used Vehicles with AET Inventory Studio

7 Ways Auto Dealers Are Using AET Inventory_1 Studio To Sell More Used CarsThe combination of higher interest rates, fuel prices, manufacturing backlogs & out-of-market competition has created new challenges for automotive dealers, making it harder to predict the right vehicle mix as we round out the end of the year.

Below are a few examples of popular inventory ad sets our current dealership partners are running.

1. Aging Vehicle Inventory

1_IS_agingThough there is much debate about what qualifies as “aging vehicle” inventory on a lot, 20, 30, or 60 days? One thing is for sure - they age more like milk than wine. Now more than ever dealerships need to stay on top of what's popular among potential buyers or risk losing out on the profit margin. AET Inventory Studio helps relieve dealers of this stress by giving them the ability to automate specific vehicle ad sets based on the number of days on the lot.

2. Vehicles Under $25k2_IS_vehicles_under25KMany market factors like inflation and interest rate hikes have changed what type of vehicle consumers can afford. However, the need for a vehicle is still there. Get more attention from buyers in this position by offering them a set of reliable & affordable vehicles that they can upgrade to.

3. High MPG Vehicles7 Ways Auto Dealers Are Using AET Inventory Studio To Sell More Used CarsPrices at the pump are hitting the pocketbooks. If there is one thing the majority of Americans can agree on, we hate high fuel prices. Many consumers are considering more fuel-efficient options, capture that market by showcasing your vehicles with the highest MPG range.

4. Heavy-Duty TrucksIS_heavy_dutyGenerate demand for one of your biggest profit makers - heavy-duty trucks. Despite the increase in fuel prices, the demand for this segment of vehicles remains consistent while resale values continue to stay high - especially for diesel engines.

5. Hybrid & Electric VehiclesIS_EVHigh fuel prices, government mandates & tax incentives are pushing consumer vehicle trends toward hybrid and electric vehicles. However, because of low supply and high upfront costs, some of those who would like a new hybrid or electric vehicle find themselves out of the market, or on a long waiting list. We’ve seen many dealers successfully run a combination ad set with their new & used hybrid and EV inventory.

6. 4x4 & AWD VehiclesIS_AWD_4x4As seasons change & families grow, safety and reliability become more important when considering a vehicle. This is one of the reasons why SUVs hold their resale value better than most other vehicles. Showing a carousel list of used AWD & 4x4 vehicles can help you gain their attention while they are gathering information about their next purchase.

7. Certified Pre-OwnedIS_CPOPre-order wait times for new vehicles are still longer than ideal. Sometimes customers can’t or don’t want to wait and a “like new” model will do just fine. A list of certified pre-owned inventory shows them the vehicles on the lot that can suit their needs while giving them peace of mind with their typical warranty coverages.

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Published by AET Automotive November 7, 2022
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