Andrew Eamer
By Andrew Eamer on October 22, 2021

9 Creative Ways Dealerships Are Using AET Marketing Suite

unnamed(3)This year has been one of the most challenging in recent history for auto dealers, with government shutdowns and inventory shortages holding back our industry. There are also new players like Carvana and Vroom, whose business models seem to have been accelerated by the pandemic, impeding on used inventory supply and marketing demand.

There are some who have thrived while others struggle to keep up or even stay afloat; the dealerships reporting record profits are innovating and thinking outside the box to stay current with the changing times, and competition. Our award-winning Marketing Suite gives you another edge over your competition by consolidating advertising efforts and turnaround time across your digital advertising channels to give your dealership back up to 30% more advertising days. Here are a few examples of how our current dealership partners are thinking outside the box.

1. Facebook AIA Ads - Inventory Studio

unnamed(4)Want to run Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads in-house but not sure about hosting the data feeds? AET Inventory Studio connects your inventory provider to your Facebook catalog, and in 3 simple steps your Inventory ads are running: Customize, Set Budget, and GO!

    • Custom Leader Cards make your inventory ads stand out from the competition!
    • Quickly and easily design a custom overlay to highlight your dealership’s unique branding and messaging.
    • Automatically generate Co-op pre-approval images.

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2. Buy Back Offers - Ad Studio

unnamed(5)Yea - who isn't having inventory issues? Some of our current dealership partners have decided to become their own supplier and are using Ad Studio to create their own pre-owned inventory. Brilliant!

Learn more about AET Ad Studio

3. Custom Messaging – Ad Studio

2020_Ford_General_Wed Oct 06 2021 08_18_46 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)Auto dealers have found creative ways to adapt during the pandemic shutdowns and inventory shortages. One way is by offering "Free Home Delivery" or even “At Home Test Drive" services, which allows customers a worry-free buying experience without having to make multiple trips to the dealership.

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4. Fixed Ops (Service) Specials - Ad Studio

unnamed(6)With inventory shortages hitting across the industry many dealerships have turned their attention to growing revenue potential from fixed ops. AET Ad Studio allows them total ad control and customization so that can keep those bays fully scheduled!

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5. Tech Recruiting - Ad Studio

unnamed(7)In this competitive environment, dealerships are using ads to recruit top talent. The increase in demand for fixed operations has put a big strain on the technician pool which is imperative to maximizing revenue on this side of the dealership.

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6. DMS Audience Targeting - Pinpoint

pinpoint_heroMaximize the LTV of your current customers with Pinpoint. Targeting them for service specials, trade-ins & more! Reach those who have refused to be serviced or are coming up on lease expiration - by using special messaging you can motivate this group into taking advantage of current offerings.

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7. Custom Messaging - Ad Studio

unnamed(9)The custom messaging feature in Ad Studio is making it possible for dealerships to reach buyers of a bilingual market. Some are even using this tool to strategically cater their message based on where customers who speak different languages and dialects live!

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8. Newsletters - Email Studio

unnamed(10)Automotive enthusiasts can be great marketers for your dealership's brand. Many dealerships have started clubs to keep them up to date on the latest news, products & specials specific to their vehicle or lifestyle interests.

Learn more about AET Email Studio

9. Special Events - Ad Studio

unnamed(11)​​ This is the season for Fall Car Shows. Why not run ads for your dealership events? A lot of marketing, (especially branding) is about creating a community. Hosting or sponsoring a community event shows people how your dealership fits into its surroundings. It goes one step further to making sure everyone knows where they can find YOU!

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Published by Andrew Eamer October 22, 2021
Andrew Eamer