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By AET Automotive on October 27, 2023

From Liability to Asset: AET Products Helps Turn Aged Inventory for Profits

Challenges: In early April, Rydell Cars faced a common challenge experienced by many dealerships—aging vehicle inventory. Five New Armadas remained unsold on their lot for an extended period of time, ranging from 30 to 45 days. Despite various efforts, these vehicles were not attracting potential buyers & stacking up lot fees, creating a pressing need for a solution.

Solutions: Rydell Marketing Team, lead by Morgan Hibma - Marketing Manager, Mike Delohery - Marketing Coordinator, & Mike Longoria - Rydell Nissan GSM devised a three-pronged approach. 

The Approach

1) Vehicle Inventory Ads via AET Inventory Studio:7 Ways Auto Dealers Are Using AET Inventory Studio To Sell More Used Cars (1)By leveraging tools like AET Inventory Studio, Rydell was seamlessly able to segment an Armada-specific inventory set across Facebook & Instagram.

2) Using DMS to Target Audiences Using PinPoint: Rydell Prevents Aged Inventory Case Study (3) Harnessing the power of PinPoint, they segmented customers from their DMS who had purchased an Armada (or similar vehicle) 3-5 years ago. They paired this with ad creative featuring an incentive for the Armada with a CTA to available Armada inventory.

3) Strategic Vehicle Placement:

To maximize visibility and attract potential buyers, The team strategically moved the New Armadas to the front of the lot, ensuring they caught the attention of foot traffic and passing motorists, thereby increasing the likelihood of sales.

The Breakdown

1) Vehicle Inventory Ads via AET Inventory Studio

Recognizing the importance of effective marketing, Rydell Nissan ran vehicle inventory ads specifically focusing on the New Armadas. To enhance the ad's appeal, they made sure each vehicle had high-quality dealer photos, showcasing their unique features and highlighting their value. By utilizing this approach, the team aimed to capture the attention of potential buyers who may have overlooked the vehicles in the past.

Utilizing Inventory Advertising:

Vehicle inventory ads on social media platforms play a crucial role in reaching and engaging potential buyers. By showcasing the New Armadas with high-quality dealer photos, they ensured that customers could visually experience the cars' features & condition, increasing the likelihood of capturing the attention of individuals actively seeking to purchase a vehicle.

How Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) Work:

AIA Campaigns use information from your vehicle inventory catalog, the Meta Pixel (on your website), and people’s engagement on Meta to show the right vehicles to the right people. The ads dynamically update as inventory is sold and new inventory is added. AET Inventory Studio offers a fast & easy way to create/manage your catalog & deploy these ads.

2) Using DMS to Target Audiences Using PinPoint

To further amplify their marketing efforts, they signed up for PinPoint—a platform that enables precise targeting of specific customer segments. Leveraging PinPoint's capabilities, they launched an ad campaign specifically targeting customers who had purchased similar vehicles over three years ago. This strategic move ensured that Rydell's advertisements reached a relevant...



Published by AET Automotive October 27, 2023
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